Day 1: Group Meeting

12:30 – 4:30


Sebastinella –

Meet in the library at 12:30 to find books and websites to start research. All attended, wordpress was made and general overview of the topic was learnt as well as breaking down the given brief. Thoughts on a possible visit to a motor museum such as Beaulieu for primary research.

Nevil –


Brief overview:

Sebastinella –

1. Introduction

  • identify general structure
  • what is our argument?
  • cultural
  • historical
  • political
  • economical
  • social

2. Vacuum

  • Doesn’t just appear in time
  • why?
  • what influences and links


  • other designers, books, quotes, references
  • validate our argument

4. Key participants of movement

  • who
  • when
  • how

5. Key elements

  • Is it decorative, geometric, functionalist, modernist, etc.


Nevil –


Sebastinella – 

Heller. S. & Fili. L. (1995) Streamline. San Francisco, Chronicle Books.

Liddament. T. (1991) Design In Society. Oxford, Oxford University Press.

Dawson. D. & B2 Gallery. (1981) A New Design For Living, Design In British Interiors 1930-1951. London, Lane Publications Ltd.

Drucker. J. & McVarish. E. (2009) Graphic Design History A Critical Guide. Upper Saddle River, Pearson Hall.

Pulos. A. (1983) American Design Ethic, A History To Industrial Design. Massachusetts, The Massachusetts Institute Of Technology.

Loewy. R. (1979) Industrial Design. London, Boston, Faber & Faber.

Lesko. J. (1999) Materials & Manufacturing, A Guide To Industrial Design. New York, John Wiley & Sons Inc.

Society Of Industrial Designers. (1951) 51: U.S. Industrial Design. New York, T. Cumberland Press Inc.

Loewy. R. (1988) Locomotive. London, Trefoil Publications Ltd.


Ben –

Knoji (n.d). Streamlined Design: Modernity in America [online]. Available From: [Accessed on 4th March]

This website is all about the history of the movement and what the movement was originally all about. It is then stated that to make everyday objects look modern that the features from the designs for planes, trains and cars were added to these objects to make them look modern.

Wikipedia (2nd March 2014). Art Deco [online]. Available from: [Accessed on 4th March]

The page is saying that Streamline Moderne was influenced by art deco, because art deco was the designing of buildings and interiors while streamline was the designing of objects.

Hubpages (n.d.). Streamlined Design Movement [online]. Available from:  [Accessed on 4th March]

This website questions your understanding of why you think items are designed the way they are, it then goes on to talk about the characteristics of streamlining. The website then states where the art movement originated from.

Wikipedia (2nd March 2014). Walter Dorwin Teague [online]. Available from:  [Accessed on 4th March]

Walter Dorwin Teague was a designer in the art movement whos name I got from another website. This Wikipedia page just holds information on him and states who he is, what he worked on and his professions.

WordPress (4th January 2014). Streamline Moderne [online]. Available from: [Accessed on 4th March]

This blog holds lots of photographs that allow us to see the features that have been taken off of cars and placed onto everyday objects.

Streamlining Video and possible trip to NRM



Sebastinella –


Nevil –


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